BLACK SHARK™ - The Ultimate Bodybuilding Site Enhancing Posing Oil

There are other oils out there, and then there is Black Shark™️ ( For topical use only ). Low ‘Buy It Now’ Price for what you will be getting, This is a Brand New Sealed Original Genuine Product!

Black Shark™️ Synthol 100ML Muscle Site Enhancement Posing Oil


Specially designed formula unlike other products, this contains nothing the body doesn’t like (i.e. we only use suitable oils of the highest grade and quality)

This product will give you the lasting muscle definition you desire and you can tailor a muscle in to exactly the shape you require

Our Synthol is ready to use as soon as your package arrives!

You can use this product on almost any muscle in the body – Pecs, Calves, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Lateral chain muscles, Abs and other many other muscles

Our oil is 100% sterile and is packaged using aseptic techniques and other quality assurance procedures.

Posing Oil Synthol